Blogging? Sure. Why not?


Hi! It’s Mere and Kat, writing our first blog post. (The blank one Kat accidentally published doesn’t count, but Kat will leave it unedited to honor the process). So this is our actual first post.

Mere is a mom to a sweet, high-energy boy nicknamed “Q.” Q is one year old and may be training for an upcoming Olympics (2032?) the way he runs around and moves furniture. Thankfully for Mere, her husband provides the necessary “calm” in their house. Mere frequently finds herself thinking about the balance between her work and home life.  Often searching for a better harmony, she chats with Kat about the challenges. Mere and Kat toss around the idea of starting a blog.

Kat has been married to Matt for 9 years and they have a 5 year old daughter who we will call, “Newt”.

Newt just whispered to her father, “Mommy’s blogging.” He asked her if she knows what that means. Her reply, “It means when people blog.” And so it is established: Newt and Kat know approximately the same amount about blogging.

We want to create a positive, non-judgmental space to share some common, and maybe some uncommon, mommy experiences.

We have worked together for several years and have a great rapport, but, you will soon see that we are different in many ways. Hopefully in exploring our own thoughts on things such as parenting, marriage, free time, life, etc., there will be plenty of things that resonate with our readers.

Mere and Kat


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