Inside Out Printables!!



I loved the movie Inside Out from the perspective of a mom as well as that of a therapist. I made these fun little printables from the movie as a way to encourage clients to share their feelings in session but my kiddo loved them too.

Each page has a different feeling and character as well as 5 colored orbs where kids (or grown-ups) can write or draw memories that go with each emotion. I made the cover page so you can staple them together if you want. Newt cut her orbs and characters out- which was cool too….but it does mean even more little scraps of paper that I keep finding around the house (annoying). But on the plus side, I guess she was practicing her fine motor skills!

Have fun! And please share any fun ideas or memories you make with these in the comments section.

Click on the link below to download the PDF.


Inside Out printables


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