Learning to appreciate my new hometown


Don’t let the name of our blog fool you. I am fully aware that Tampa Bay is a body of water and no moms, working or otherwise, actually live there. But Real Working Moms of the Tampa Bay Area didn’t quite flow as well. And well, the truth is I no longer actually live in Tampa.

I was born in Tampa at St. Joe’s Women’s Hospital. I grew up in Tampa. My mother was born in Tampa. Her parents were from Jersey and came down here for their honeymoon and never left. My father was born in south Florida, but his father was born in Tampa. His parents actually met when they were both working at the Tampa Theatre. My kid was born in Tampa. When I went away to college (Florida State) I met a decently cute enough guy in my apartment complex. He said he was from Tampa. He lost his shot; however when I learned he was really from *gasp* Zephyrhills. How dare he say he lived in Tampa.

Little did I know that a decade and a half later I would fall in love with a little house with a big yard in Zephyrhills. I wouldn’t say that I love Zephyrhills, but I am learning to appreciate parts of it. There is a Publix nearby and we are close enough to everything in Wesley Chapel to still feel connected. The other night I fell in love with a place I had never been in Zephyrhills.

We were heading home from Legoland. Tired and hungry and looking a little worse for the wear as one does when they hang out all day outside in Florida in August. We decided to go to a mom and pop kind of restaurant instead of a chain and Matt suggested an Italian place he saw that had opened several months ago. When we pulled up, the place looked decent enough from the outside.

dimaggios outside

When we walked in though, we almost walked out as we thought we were more than a little under dressed.  It looked, as Newt would say, Super Fancy. But the hostess didn’t bat an eye and showed us to our table. After we were seated and our drink order taken, our server brought over a plate of aged provolone, pepperoni and some of the most delicious garlic bread bites we had ever eaten. Newt is a super picky eater so of course she ordered a PBJ. When her PBJ arrived, we all started giggling. It was surrounded with strawberry topping, sprinkles and some powdered sugar. Clearly this is a place that cares about presentation as well as the youngest diners.

pbj dimaggios

I ordered Eggplant Parm- Delish. But the real amazing dish was the 3 1/2 pound hunk of lasagna Matt ordered. It was amazing. So many thin layers. The perfect amount of meat, cheese, sauce and noodles. The owner, Roman, explained that all of the recipes are his wife’s family recipes- over 100 years old. Proving if it ain’t broke- don’t fix it.

So, if you are ever in Zephyrhills, or even a little bit close to it, you need to stop at

DiMaggio’s That’s Amore

5347 Gall Blvd, Zephyrhills, FL 33542. (813)-788-5544

The food is amazing and priced well. We walked out spending a little under $50 including tip (we didn’t buy booze though). (Newt’s PBJ was $5- which included a drink, side and A CUPCAKE!!)


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