An Idea for a Rainy Day


q's floor pic two

As my son napped and I attempted to clean the house, I decided to put together an activity for him when he woke. Normally, we attempt to spend time outside, but with the pending tropical storm, I figured we would need to find some entertainment inside this afternoon.

I cut up paper grocery bags and used blue painter’s tape (to protect our floors!) to secure the canvas on our floor. As my son is only 15 months, it helps that the paper is going to stay in place as he scribbles creates art. I decided to select a few of his favorite images from magazines I had around the house. Taped the the canvas, he would find a cat, dog, clock, flower, colors, and a teddy bear. I also put a few foam stars on as well. I couldn’t help myself, I also needed to write a special message:

q art floor

I was in luck! When he woke up, he was thrilled to see the crafty activity ready for him and he began to color immediately! He loved the pictures that were already there and enjoyed picking off the stars. He’s a creative little monster and I only needed to ask him to not color on the floor, walls and toys a few times (seriously, a record).

The rain didn’t come this afternoon, but we had fun coloring inside anyway.


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