Conquered the first 2 weeks of school. But this homework thing….


So far we seem to have conquered the first 2 weeks of kindergarten fairly unscathed.

No tears from anyone on the first day of school, though on the 2nd day when I dropped Newt off in the car line instead of walking her to class, a mini panic attack ensued.  Not for her. For me. She was fine of course.  She doesn’t need me anymore.

For the first week, at home, Newt was the definition of labile. Or rapidly changing mood/affect. She was overtired, over stimulated and I was over it.

She naturally got sick and missed Monday of the 2nd week. Super germs.

The second week, I won mother of the year award when I forgot to feed her breakfast. She realized this as we were pulling in but was too nervous to go to the lunchroom for school breakfast by herself. No problem, I just fed her her packed lunch for breakfast. There I was in the school parking lot warming up the still frozen Nutella Uncrustable between my two hands so she could at least bite it. On another note…it’s totally cool to give your kid what amounts to a chocolate sandwich for lunch (or in this case, breakfast), right? She was fine with the “hot lunch” option at school, so problem solved. I found out that afternoon that she chose a PBJ Uncrustable for her hot lunch option. Variety is the spice of life, right?

She got her first homework assignments last Friday, so we are starting to work on them. They are not going as well as I hoped. She is super stressed. A perfectionist, like me, who is so worried about getting it wrong, she just keeps melting down. I just sent her to her room for a non-punitive calm down time to watch her fish swim. I am taking a calm down time too.



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