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I am one of those rare Floridians. One who was born and raised here, in Tampa.

I am a mom, wife, therapist, geek, crafter and apparently now, blogger.

Married to my best friend, Matt, for the last 9 years and mother to the coolest, weirdest, sweetest daughter, Newt, for the last 5.That’s not her real name of course, but rather an in joke Matt and I have shared since before Newt was born. It is in part an homage to the sci-fi classic, Aliens. Told you I was a geek.

I love my job as a mental health professional. I balance work with creating things when I have the time- art, crafts, gifts, things like that.

But, I never have time. I certainly don’t have time to start a blog, but here I am.


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  1. booyah. and that’s how time is made. you just do other stuff and it makes itself. when those other things are the things you’re supposed to be doing. yes, supposed to be doing, per your higher, deeper, tuggings (or more often draggings) by the soul at your ego.. and per certain mark-making compulsions of mortality, well then, time has a much easier time being made, making itself, to accommodate everything we most certainly don’t and never have had time for. and yet there it is. minutes multiplying like a bunch of wet mogwais. just don’t feed em after midnight, those mogwai minutes. That is to say, Congrats and Thank You, Ladies on your new blog. I’m already eager for the next “episodes”.


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