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Go Shout Love…because cancer really sucks


I woke up yesterday morning super excited to see the paintings Newt and I did and donated for the Go Shout Love auction to benefit Anya and her family, posted on their Instagram page in preparation for the auction Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget to check out the stuff for auction here. It is 1/23/16 to 1/24/16. There is some really cute stuff.

A few short hours later I learned that a good friend and great woman was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

So between contemplating what my friend is facing and what little Anya has already been through and what she still faces, all I can say is, cancer sucks.

I can’t fix it for either of them. I can’t do a great, life changing thing for them. But I can do small things. Small things with great love. For my friend, this might include cupcakes and laughing at inappropriate things. It already included me taking Jedi selfies to send to her as she waited for the dr.


For Anya, I am just trying to spread the word for ways to help her and her family. We also made 2 paintings to donate for her auction.


Newt and I collaborated on this piece. As you can clearly see, there is a green unicorn with blue magic coming out of its horn, and a large, translucent dragon breathing fire. You can own this masterpiece yourself by bidding on it here. It’s item #056.


I was inspired by the Batman shirt that was designed specially for Anya. I know, doesn’t look Batmany, but the shirt says, “Greatness often arises from darkness,” which is the truth. You can bid on this lovely painting here as well. This one is item #057.

You can also still purchase the t-shirts that were made for Anya here. They are really, super soft and comfy, and cute!



Go shout love for Anya!

Go shout love for Anya!


One of my daughter’s friends, Anya, has been bravely battling leukemia for the past year. She still has at least two more years of treatments, including chemo, to go. I am constantly in awe of this little kindergartener’s strength, as well as the positive attitude this super hero and her family maintain.

Anya will be featured for the month of January with Go Shout Love, an organization developed to raise funds for families and children coping with a serious illness. They will be rolling out her story on their website soon, as well as unveiling t-shirts for sale to benefit Anya.

Additionally, they will be having an auction on January 23rd and 24th on their Instagram page here. All of the proceeds from that will go to Anya and her family.

There are a couple of ways that you can help:

  1. You can share this post, the Go Shout Love website, and/or Anya’s Facebook page and You Caring page. This is a quick and easy way to get the word out and it costs nothing but a few moments of your time.
  2. You can purchase a t- shirt through Go Shout Love when they come out. I will make a link for that when available.
  3. You can make a donation to the family through their You Caring page.
  4. You can donate something for the auction at the end of January. Instructions for how to do this are on the Go Shout Love website under “give.” The kiddo and I will each be donating an original piece of art for auction. They will be made with much more love than skill, but if Anya is brave enough to face what she faces, I can be brave enough to put a little of myself out there!
  5. You can participate in the Go Shout Love Instagram auction and possibly purchase something. It will be taking place January 23rd and 24th.
  6. You can keep Anya and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

You can follow Anya’s journey through her Facebook page here and find her You Caring fundraising page here.

I will keep you posted during the coming month!