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Being able to buy fabric with female superheroes is not an issue of political correctness. 


I was very impressed with my local Walmart selection of character fabric. It is rare indeed to find fabric including female characters who are pretty much anything other than princesses. But during this shopping trip I found not one but 2 fabrics with Wonder Woman. There was also some Star Wars fabric with Rey- though I held off on buying that for now. 

But wouldn’t you know, when I was getting my fabric cut, a male Walmart employee walked up, studied the pink fabric with Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl and asked, “since when did everything become so politically correct?” To which the female employee replied, “I guess 2016.”

Ok. So the term “politically correct” is one so loaded with disdain that implies someone (or some entity) must alter their behavior so as to avoid offending those that are easily “butthurt”*.

I politely educated them. It’s not about political correctness. It’s about time. 

Wonder Woman’s first appearance was in 1941. She is considered one of the “Big Three” in DC comics, alongside Batman and Superman. So after 75 years, it’s about time I can walk into a store and buy fabric with her likeness. Something I have ALWAYS been able to do with male superheroes. It’s about time I can buy toys and clothes for my daughter with the characters she loves and pretends to be. 

The male employee contemplated my sentiments for a second and nodded, saying he understood. He said it was ok as long as she didn’t go trying to wear a tiara with her Wonder Woman garb. 

I smiled and said she will if she wants and that’s ok. She was Princess Darth Vader a couple of Halloweens ago. And then I left with my super cool new fabric. 

*Writer’s note- I actually get really irritated with the term butthurt. I used it here I suppose as a way to minimize its negative impact on me. I did it similarly with the term “curate” in my posts about geek girl toys. 


On being Wonder Woman


Some time after I had my daughter and went back to work full time, I adopted Wonder Woman as a sort of totem. Finding it difficult to live up to my own expectations of myself as a wife, mother, therapist, supervisor, daughter, sister and friend, Wonder Woman became my reminder to “put on my big girl panties”, suck it up and just do what I thought I needed to do.

Art by Ant Lucia www.antlucia.com

Bombshell Wonder Woman by Ant Lucia

But somehow, even in trying to internalize these thoughts that I am a badass Wonder Woman, somehow even in surrounding myself with images of this goddess super hero that can keep up with BOTH Batman and Superman, I found myself just frustrated. The fact is, I feel barely capable of managing my life as well as a normal human being….never mind someone with super hero abilities.

The myth I was creating for myself, was the myth that not only could I have it all- things like motherhood, career, happy marriage, good support system, a house with a pool; I could also DO it all and do it all-by myself- all of the time.

But something happened today. Something that made me feel a much deeper and more real connection with my mythical role model. Something that felt more empowering.

In a training today on clinical hypnotherapy of all things, I was reminded that while Wonder Woman CAN do it all, she does not do it all by herself. She is part of a team, part of the Justice League. I was reminded that I am part of a pretty fantastic team too, that has people from both my personal and my professional worlds.

Bruce Timm's Justice League

Bruce Timm’s Justice League

I am a badass Wonder Woman, but my strength does not just come from inside me. I am stronger with my badass team standing with me. My strength is not diminished when I need or ask for help. I don’t have to prove to myself that I “can do it” by trying to do it all- by myself- all of the time. I am a strong woman, trying to raise a strong woman.

Art by Andry Rajoelina http://andry-shango.deviantart.com Words by random internet people.

Art by Andry Rajoelina http://andry-shango.deviantart.com
Words by random internet people.